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Properties of cider


In Paris, a survey was conducted about the nutritional value of cider, reaching the following conclusions:

  • Hygienists and doctors have recorded the benefits which this drink affords.
  • It was established that, in terms of food value, a liter of cider corresponds to 400g of Milk, or 125g of Bread or 125g of Meat or 500g of potato chips or 2 eggs. Of the 3000 calories which are required daily, cider can contribute 250-300. And it's great probiotic strength has also been recorded.
  • Cider can be consumed in fairly large quantities without negative effects. In fact it protects against stones and gout. Some doctors even indicate anti-arthritic and anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • In any case, cider cure often produces a general rejuvenation of the organism and it's tissues, both profound and superficial; and even cause certain long-term skin conditions to disappear.