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Bereziartua Sagardotegia. Bere-Aran Etxea - Iparralde Bidea, 16. Astigarraga. (+34) 943 55 57 98




The object of this space is to learn about the history and the origin of the use of apples and the documents which back different theories. In Bereziartua we are conscious of the importance of expanding knowledge about cider, it's history and tasting cider to enjoy it.

This trail will take you back to references to cider (our sagardo) in times of the ancient Greeks, the Romans and even in the Old Testament... You will hear of the legend which attributes the spread of cider along the coasts of Northern Europe and Newfoundland to Basque fishermen (arrantzales)... You will see that Euskal Herria was one of the places in the Iberian Peninsula where apples were first processed in large scale, and you will read about the first documentary references to the harvesting of apples.

You will be surprised perhaps to read about the importance which cider production and commerce already had back in the XIV Century within the economy of Guipuzcoa, province of Euskal Herria. Astigarraga itself is considered to be the cradle of cider. You will be amazed to read about legal measures in this same era which condemned to capital punishment, anyone who broke a cider barrel, condemned to expulsion, anyone who damaged 5 apple trees, and fined heavily, anyone who added water to cider. You will learn how, since the Middle Ages, the protection of apple trees and the control of the quality of cider has been of concern to Basque legislators.