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Bereziartua Sagardotegia. Bere-Aran Etxea - Iparralde Bidea, 16. Astigarraga. (+34) 943 55 57 98


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Bereziartua Ciders

Bereziartua has become a beacon in the production of natural cider. Today, bottling is a process that is done throughout the year thanks to our cooling equipment.

Berezia. Eusko Label Cider

BEREZIARTUA produces Eusko Label Cider. Thanks to recent encouragement given to local products and in particular to the support from the Eusko Label (quality certification of certain local Basque products), local apple production is being gradually revived. 

Txotx Season

This custom has become a popular gastronomic event in Basque society. In the traditional cider house menu we include two of the most important products in Basque cuisine: salt cod and the T-bone steak. Txotx!

Bereziartua Cider House

Sidras Bereziartua Sagardoak is a family-run firm devoted to cider production since 1870.

That was when we made the first Bereziartua ciders at our old installations in Ergobia. A century later, in 1970, our cider house finally committed itself to the production of sagardua or cider at its installations in Astigarraga, where we are located today.

Since then, and following various modernization processes, Bereziartua has become a beacon in the production of natural cider, while at the same time preserving its family character at the service of tradition, and out of respect and gratitude towards our loyal customers.

Last News

Jul 27, 2016

Oinkari Dantza Taldea nos visita desde Boise (EEUU) y nos regala un Aurresku de Honor

Hace unos días recibimos una visita muy especial. Desde la localidad de Boise, situada en Idaho (EEUU), llegaba a nuestra sidrería el grupo de danzas Oinkari. En ocasiones… Leer noticia completa
Jul 25, 2016

Inaugurado nuestro nuevo punto de encuentro en Astigarraga

Hace unos días os dábamos la noticia de que abriríamos un nuevo espacio en el mismo pueblo de Astigarraga. Pues bien, ese nuevo punto de encuentro que tantas ganas teníamos de… Leer noticia completa
Jul 12, 2016

Bereziartua abre un nuevo local en Astigarraga

En Bereziartua queremos acercarnos más al consumidor y por eso abrimos un nuevo espacio en el que podrás visitarnos en el mismo pueblo de Astigarraga. Un espacio en el que podrás… Leer noticia completa

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